The goals of Companion Animal Hospital of Indian Land are to provide high quality veterinary care, provide veterinary care in the most cost efficient manner and to provide veterinary care in a personal, small-town atmosphere.

Companion Animal Hospital of Indian Land utilizes the latest in veterinary technology such as an in-house lab, digital radiography, digital dental radiography, digital ultrasound, otoendoscopy, advanced anesthetic monitoring and tonometry.

One of the most significant expenses in providing healthcare is the physical structure of the healthcare facility. The trend in human healthcare is to locate in multi-business complexes rather than a free-standing building in order to reduce overhead expenses. Dr. Curtsinger chose to build the hospital in a multi-business complex to reduce the cost of veterinary care without compromising the quality of veterinary care.

The last goal was to provide veterinary care in a personal, small-town atmosphere. Dr. Curtsinger has previous experience at large, multiple doctor hospitals but prefer to practice in a smaller and more personal hospital atmosphere. The doctors believe that is important to provide owners with options for veterinary care that range from the most advanced care available to best care available for the owner’s budget.

Companion Animal Hospital of Indian Land was founded in 2004 and is conveniently located to serve the Indian Land, Fort Mill, Sun City, Ballantyne, Waxhaw and South Charlotte areas. The doctors and staff welcome clients to tour the hospital facility.

Curtsinger Animal Hospital is committed to protecting and preserving our environment for the next generations.
Here are some of the ways that we are doing our part:

  • Electronic medical records to reduce paper waste
  • Medical records and lab work are transmitted through email rather than FAX to reduce paper waste
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling system
  • Energy efficient programmable thermostat
  • Digital ballasts and energy efficient lighting throughout hospital
  • Recycle paper and plastic products
  • Institute protocols to reduce medical waste

We are Independently owned and operated.