Really great pricing and they work within a budget if needed. Always call the day after a visit to follow up with your pet which is a first for us! Everyone here is always friendly. I recommend them to everyone I know!

Shannon M. Avatar
Shannon M.

This has been our only choice for care for our animals. We appreciate the professionalism and friendliness at every visit. We know that our Molly is in very good hands she will be cared for should problems arise. We also were so happy to have had Laurie sit with her and Abby when we were away from home.

Daniel H. Avatar
Daniel H.

Really nice people here. We take our dog and cat here.
Very friendly. Answer all our questions.

Ciaran O. Avatar
Ciaran O.

I am so glad I found Companion Animal Hospital. The staff are so caring and supportive. They genuinely care about you and your animals.

Samantha A. Avatar
Samantha A.

The doctors and nurses truly care about you and your pet. I have never visited a local vet that invests such a significant amount of time treating and educating their clients.

I have found that nothing in life is perfect which is validated by my experience with this vet.

When calling at 9:00 AM with a request to have a prescription refilled for a basic medication that they have in stock, the person who answered the phone wanted me to come the following day. When I explained that I needed to pick it up later that day I was made to feel like they were doing me a favor.

I have spent over $1,840.00 with this vet this year, and I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I find that the 2% surcharge they add to credit card purchases to be petty especially considering that they are not a discount service provider.

Gus C. Avatar
Gus C.

My wife and I love this office, more importantly my dog loves this office! Great knowledgeable staff and the best pet care around. They are very transparent with all the services and pricing as well as doing their best to provide care no matter you're budget. If you need a new vet for your furry friend this is definitely the place to go.

Barry C. Avatar
Barry C.

Dr Kelly Parlier is TOP NOTCH! The Turnipseed family will forever take our pets to her! She is an asset to Companion Animal Hospital

Warren T. Avatar
Warren T.

Apparently Companion was recently taken over by a new vet team, but the new team offers what you want in a local vet: highly qualified and caring vets, attentive staff that treat you and your pet friends well, good value for the money. I liked the old owner. I like the new. I'm staying and happy to recommend them to any pet owners.

Marc M. Avatar
Marc M.

I am a breeder and new to the area. I have been with my same Vet in Montana for 10 years. I was concerned about the loss of having the familiarity and trust that I had with my Vet of 10 years.
I was treated like I had been a client for years. So caring and and knowledgeable. Honestly I loved the staff way more than my Montana Vets staff. This is a HUGE Blessing to find Companion animal Clinic.

Natalia P. Avatar
Natalia P.

Incredibly friendly and professional. I trust them with my dog and they give excellent advice on a number of things.

Steve D. Avatar
Steve D.

Great bedside manner. Always treat my dog with compassion.

Clint E. Avatar
Clint E.

Absolutely the best experience ever! EVERYONE is so sweet! I had to change my appointment several times because of work but the office was so kind about the changes. I absolutely adored the doctor, she was an absolute doll, Magnus adored her too.

We have found our people and our home for our babies. Thank you to the great staff!

Donna P. Avatar
Donna P.

We love Companion Animal Hospital. We have been with Dr Curtsinger for 20+ years, we have followed him around at prior offices. Now we have also seen Dr Parlier and Dr Duncan and trust them and their staff. I recommend this office to everyone I know. They go above and beyond to care for our pets and even care for us when hard decisions have to be made.

Denise B. Avatar
Denise B.

Incredibly friendly and professional. I trust them with my dog and they give excellent advice on a number of things.

Steve D. Avatar
Steve D.

If you love your pet then I would take her to Dr. Parlier. Our little dog became quite sick over a fairly short period of time. Dr. Parlier worked with us to try to find out the cause of the problem and treated our little girl as if she were her own. When the time came that we had to say goodbye to her Dr. Parlier was right there with us helping us through that terrible process. She truly cares and that is a wonderful thing.

Dorene a. Avatar
Dorene a.

I just had a scare with my dog and my normal vet wouldn't see him. I called this vet in tears and the staff went out of their way to fit me in, and take care of my dog. I have never dealt with more kind and knowledgeable people. They took their time, and really helped me when I was scared. If you need a vet, you need to go here.

Sara R. Avatar
Sara R.

Dr. Duncan and her staff were awesome! It was simple and easy to get an appointment scheduled. All staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I am so glad we change vets and started going to Companion. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next appointment!

Sara A. Avatar
Sara A.

I am always very impressed with all the doctors at Companion Animal Hospital. They are smart, caring and truly the best vets I have ever worked with. I am happy to recommend them to anyone!

Kelly M. Avatar
Kelly M.

We recently found a stray kitten and I brought him to Companion for multiple health issues. They were very kind and personable. Prices were reasonable and I am very happy with the care that my little Nebo received. I am switching my other cats to Companion as well, after the quality of care that I experienced.

Sandra L. Avatar
Sandra L.

I have been going to this vet for the last few months with a new puppy and my experience has been very good. They don’t seem to try to extort money from you like other vets. They seem honest and care too.

John h. Avatar
John h.