I will never forget the time this awesome office agreed to stitch up one of our family dogs just as they were closing up on a Saturday. It was minutes before closing, I walked in with my poor dog that had somehow cut her face pretty badly. I was beside myself and fully expected to be turned away so close to closing, but they said bring her in and we will stay!
I just don’t know if it gets any better than that. 5 Stars all the way.

Robert E. Avatar
Robert E.

We have been going to Companion Animal Hospital since the summer of 2017, when we adopted two kittens from a rescue who happened to use this practice. Since then, we have adopted 2 senior dogs and another cat, so Dr. Kelly Parlier sees all 5 of our pets! We used another vet in Fort Mill for 10 years prior to this, with no complaint, but when we met Dr. Parlier, Susan, Dr. Curtsinger and many of the other staff, we really liked this practice and made the switch. We have not regretted it and feel like CAH really cares about our pets! We also feel much more informed about our pets' health and we are given options that we can carefully weigh when making decisions about treatment. Since we adopt senior dogs, this is very important to us. Highly recommend Dr. Parlier and staff!

Katie S. Avatar
Katie S.

Dr Curtsinger and his team are fantastic and thorough and truly care about our pet just like we do. They understand he is a part of the family.

Kim S. Avatar
Kim S.

The vet was full of smiles, very friendly, & extremely patient with a nervous Mika! I enjoyed our visit & look forward to coming next year!

MARY B. Avatar

If you love your pet then I would take her to Dr. Parlier. Our little dog became quite sick over a fairly short period of time. Dr. Parlier worked with us to try to find out the cause of the problem and treated our little girl as if she were her own. When the time came that we had to say goodbye to her Dr. Parlier was right there with us helping us through that terrible process. She truly cares and that is a wonderful thing.

Dorene a. Avatar
Dorene a.

Incredibly friendly and professional. I trust them with my dog and they give excellent advice on a number of things.

Steve D. Avatar
Steve D.

I have been using Companion Animal Hospital, formerly Curtsinger Animal hospital for years and they have been great through all the ups and downs with my cats and dogs. I highly recommend them.

Deanna C. Avatar
Deanna C.

Dr Kelly Parlier is TOP NOTCH! The Turnipseed family will forever take our pets to her! She is an asset to Companion Animal Hospital

Warren T. Avatar
Warren T.

Great doctors. They don't flood the waiting room with people h pets. Highly recommend.

suzanne y. Avatar
suzanne y.

The Companion staff always make my pups, Pauly and Silas, feel welcome and cared for. They always get me in promptly to be seen. I appreciate their kindness to my fur babies!!!

Mia B. Avatar
Mia B.

We love how everyone cares for Sonny! Dr. Kurtzinger is sooo knowledgeable about dogs and their allergies. We struggle because our Sonny has skin issues.
They always call back to check on him.
Thank you for being trustworthy and caring.
Stephanie Deffinger

Stephaine D. Avatar
Stephaine D.

Great bedside manner. Always treat my dog with compassion.

Clint E. Avatar
Clint E.

Very knowledgeable and kind. Spent some time to explain everything going on. Very professional.

Adam D. Avatar
Adam D.

Kelly Parlier and the staff at Companion Animal were great. They advised me about all of my options and followed up promptly with test results. They were friendly and professional. I moved to Charlotte recently and was worried about finding a good vet in the area for my two dogs. Not worried at all anymore. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the area.

Rob S. Avatar
Rob S.

My dog has been going here for years and and now my new kitten. Great staff and fair prices

Hadleigh P. Avatar
Hadleigh P.

All 3 doctors at Companion Animal Hospital are AMAZING! They are patient, knowledgeable and caring!! They care about the animals and the animals owners!! There is always a doctor available to see your animal. The supporting staff is also AMAZING! Everyone in the office works together as a team. I have been a client for over 14 years.

Cory M. Avatar
Cory M.

The doctors and nurses truly care about you and your pet. I have never visited a local vet that invests such a significant amount of time treating and educating their clients.

I have found that nothing in life is perfect which is validated by my experience with this vet.

When calling at 9:00 AM with a request to have a prescription refilled for a basic medication that they have in stock, the person who answered the phone wanted me to come the following day. When I explained that I needed to pick it up later that day I was made to feel like they were doing me a favor.

I have spent over $1,840.00 with this vet this year, and I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I find that the 2% surcharge they add to credit card purchases to be petty especially considering that they are not a discount service provider.

Gus C. Avatar
Gus C.

Apparently Companion was recently taken over by a new vet team, but the new team offers what you want in a local vet: highly qualified and caring vets, attentive staff that treat you and your pet friends well, good value for the money. I liked the old owner. I like the new. I'm staying and happy to recommend them to any pet owners.

Marc M. Avatar
Marc M.

I just recently moved to the area and took my cat in for his first visit. They were absolutely wonderful. They were so sweet and gentle with my cat who has been very anxious and not feeling well. They explained everything thoroughly and so kindly! Thank you guys so much!

Savannah J. Avatar
Savannah J.

The service is always excellent. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. And it is crystal clear that they really care about my pets and ensuring that they get the best care possible.

Colin B. Avatar
Colin B.